Friday, 7 March 2008

Why Are We Up and Running?

Welcome to the Active(?) Longdendale Blogspot. This site is designed for your scrutiny and feedback of the community tool service that Active Longdendale allegedly provides and is a contact point for your concerns.

To get the ball rolling, we invite your comments and feedback as to the status of Active Longdendale itself, which seems to be a matter of some concern.

Active Longdendale, which was founded by Councillor Sean Parker-Perry (Labour: Longdendale) and Councillor Jonathan Reynolds (Labour: Longdendale) is described by themselves as a co-operative. However, Council Leader Roy Oldham (Labour: Longdendale) describes it as a 'small business enterprise' whilst a Freedom of Information response from the Borough Solicitor claims Active Longdendale has applied for charitable status.

If you can shed any light on the actual status of Active Longdendale, please let us know.

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